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stainless steel rope mesh is easy to install ,widely used welcome to buy.

Time:2019-08-13 Views:232
Stainless steel wire rope net is a new type of product. It is made of high-quality stainless steel wire rope as raw material. It can be used for hand-woven flexible wire rope net for safety protection and decoration. Stainless steel rope net is a new type of decorative net product, which is very popular in some high-end clubs due to its beautiful appearance and flexible performance and strong protective performance.
Customers can choose the corresponding specifications and models according to the application and different application sites. The manufacturer can be equipped with advanced production equipment and professional technicians. Welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate.

Due to the excellent processing performance, variety of colors and good safety of the stainless steel rope net, it can fully adapt to the design of various complex shapes, and can increase the concave and convex lines arbitrarily, and can process various types of curved lines, giving Architects are greatly favored by architects for their enormous space. The product has different specifications suitable for various application environments, the installation structure is simple, the use size is adjustable, and various specifications can be made according to the actual requirements of the customer. We also recommend various wire rope diameters, mesh sizes, and accessories for installation according to customer requirements.
The stainless steel rope mesh cross-woven mesh is a very good woven mesh. This net has a fixed mesh structure, strong structure, large bearing capacity and very beautiful appearance. It can be used for a series of purposes such as bird breeding, protection and decoration.
Stainless steel rope net, steel wire rope network is selected by Cannes manufacturers. Wholesale prices, let you save money; the quality of the brand, let you worry. Welcome to consult!