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why build birdjouse protective mesh choose stainless steel rope mesh.

Time:2019-08-06 Views:216
Before building a birdhouse protection net, it is necessary to find out the location of the site and the surrounding soil, climate, water source, traffic and power. Comprehensive planning and rational layout can also be planned once and in phases. Generally speaking, the site of the birdhouse protection net should be quiet, concealed, high-lying, dry, sunny, ventilated, well-drained, and facing north. Smaller aviaries can be close to the home for easy management, but don‘t get too close, and it‘s better not to set up aviaries in the home. Close to nature, green and environmentally friendly, effectively prevent rodents and other animals from biting, giving animals a safe and comfortable living environment;

Advantages of stainless steel rope net bird cage net:
(1) Light weight, high strength, good flexibility, strong cushioning force, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, large breaking force, and sturdy and durable overall structure. Convenient construction, simple installation, suitable for any environmental conditions.
(2) Close to nature, green and environmental protection, and effectively protect bird feathers and animal skin, effectively prevent rodents and other animals from biting, and give birds a safe and comfortable living environment;
(3) The stainless steel rope net has good permeability, luxurious appearance, novel style and unique texture. Let the visitors watch birds and landscapes at close range.
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