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stainless steel rope mesh manufacture in dongning

Time:2019-05-16 Views:459
Dongning stainless steel rope net manufacturer Spider web, also known as the sling net, is made up of high-strength anti-corrosion steel wire. The diameter of the diamond-shaped mesh is 250mm, and the standard size of the mesh is 10x3.5m.
Bolt: Generally, Φ25/28 ordinary threaded steel anchor with machining thread at one end (exposed section) can be used, or Φ25 finishing rolled steel bar (such as GEWI bolt) can be used, and anti-corrosion treatment such as hot-dip galvanizing can be carried out as needed. Self-drilling hollow anchors can be used when the holes are difficult;
Anchor pad: diamond-shaped steel plate with four corners with claws, the size is not less than 320x180mm, the thickness is not less than 10mm; the structure can be changed or simplified if necessary;
Boundary rope: The steel wire rope used to close the peripheral edge of the protective net is divided into upper boundary rope, lower boundary rope and side boundary rope according to its position. Its diameter should not be less than Φ12, generally Φ14 or Φ16, and the single length should not be greater than 40m. A wire rope anchor with a length of 2~3m is provided at both ends of the root;
Auxiliary anchor: optional. It is used to make the SPIDER net better close to the slope at the local depression. Compared with the main anchor, the diameter can be about 20~25mm, the length is generally 1~1.5m, and the anchor plate can also be used. Reduce it appropriately.
The system system uses steel anchors with anchor pads (can be designed to apply pre-stress of no more than 50kN as needed). The S250 SPIDER slings are tensioned and fixed on the slope, suitable for slippery, collapse, shallow Reinforcement and protection of soil or rock slopes for potential geological disasters such as sliding, weathering and flaking, and dangerous rockfall. The following description shows the GSS2A system. It is applicable to the GSR2A type after removing the grille mesh; remove the steel anchor (usually remove the side boundary rope and the lower boundary rope and its wire rope anchor) and increase the wire rope anchor on the upper edge. Generally, it is 4m), which is the GSS1 type retaining system which only limits the range of falling rock movement. It is applicable to GSR1 type after removing the grid net of GSS1 type.

Spider web, also known as sling net, is made up of high-strength anti-corrosion steel wire. The diamond-shaped mesh has a diameter of 250mm and the standard size of the mesh is 10x3.5m. The types of slope protection nets include: active slope protection net and passive slope protection. Two kinds of nets. The active protection active protection system is wrapped in various types of flexible nets, mainly steel wire nets, on the required protective slopes or rocks to limit the weathering and flaking or damage of the rocky soil on the slope and to collapse (reinforcement), or The falling rock is controlled within a certain range of motion (enclosure). The first two are fixed by wire rope anchors and/or support ropes, the latter being passed through steel bars (prestressing can be applied) and/or wire rope anchors (used with edge support ropes), special anchor pads and, if necessary, edge supports A fixed way such as a rope. It has high flexibility, high protection strength and easy spreadability. Adapt to any slope topography, the installation procedure is standardized and systematic. The system adopts the die-cutting installation method, the construction period is short, and the construction cost is low. The special manufacturing process of the system materials and high anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology determine the ultra-high life of the system. The system can reduce the impact of the engineering team on the environment to the point of ***. The hole depth should be more than 5cm longer than the design bolt length, and the hole diameter is not less than φ. When limited by rock drilling equipment, the two steel ropes constituting each anchor rod can be anchored into two anchor holes with a hole diameter not less than φ35. The type of anchor bolt, the angle between the two steel ropes is 15 ° ~ 30 °, in order to achieve the same anchoring effect. For the position of the anchor hole directly formed into the hole, the anchor rod is installed by means of infusion mortar. For the place where the foundation is adopted, the anchor rod is generally directly buried while pouring the foundation raft. Grouting and inserting the anchor rod (the top end of the bolt exposed ring sleeve can not be higher than the surface, and the ring sleeve section can not be grouted to ensure that the support rope is as close as possible to the surface after being pulled), and the hole is not bottomed in M20 cement mortar. Make sure the slurry is full and the slurry is cured for not less than three days before proceeding to the next step. Install the vertical and horizontal support ropes, and use 2 to 4 ends at both ends of the tension (2 when the length of the support rope is less than 15m, 4 when the length of the support rope is less than 3, and 3 between them). The rope card and the bolt exposed ring sleeve are fixed. connection. 3 mortar mix ratio is determined according to the indoor mix ratio test results, grouting should be full. The hole should be cleaned before grouting in the anchor, and no residue should be left. 4 When the soil nail and anchor are completed, when the anchor strength reaches 75% of the design strength grade, the acceptance test shall be carried out, and the test quantity shall be in accordance with the specifications. 5 The pre-energizing force applied by the anchor is 40% of the bearing capacity of the anchor design, which is divided into two tensions, 60% of the total pre-energization of the first tension, and 40% of the total pre-energization of the second tension. The anchor strength must be 70% of the design strength before stretching. 6 Construct a drainage ditch at the top and bottom of the slope, dimension 300x300, draining M10 cement mortar surface, thickness ≥10mm. At the same time, a certain number of drain holes are set on the slope surface, the longitudinal hole spacing is 3.00m, the lateral hole spacing is 3.00m, and the φ50PVC pipe is used, the length is ≥400mm, and the plum blossom shape is arranged. For more information about the installation of Xi‘an protection net, please pay attention to Zhongda Protection Network.
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