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stainless steel rope mesh peacock fence parameter

Time:2019-10-24 Views:1181
New home for peacocks,the main rae material is mainly used stainless steel wire mesh,use stainless steel rope mesh set up animal fence.peacock new home,the design is novel and durable.strong permeability ,does not affect the viewer‘s is a deal application material for new generation of animal fence.

Peacocks is regard as "king of bird" is the most beautiful bird,is suspicious ,kind ,beautiful ,luxurious has special ornamental values,feathers are used to make varous art and crafts.The stainless steel rope net creates a good living environment for the peacock.As we know, the only peacocks that can open their tail naturally are male peacocks. Among the peacocks, male peacocks are more beautiful, while female peacocks are ugly.The peacock spread its tail to protect itself.On the peacock‘s tail screen, we can see the golden and emerald lines, which are scattered with many nearly circular "eye spots", which are composed of purple, blue, brown, yellow, red and other colors from the inside out.Once meet enemy and have no time to escape, peacock then suddenly open screen, and shake it "rustle" sound, a lot of eye shape spot then move, the enemy is afraid of this "multi-eye monster", also dare not rashly forward.Every spring, especially in March and April, the peacock spreads its tail the most.

The peacock has a small head with some erect feathers on the head and a sharp stiff beak.The feather of male bird is very beautiful, wait for color to emerald green, cyan, violet brown is given priority to, also be white, contain burnish;The feathers on the tail of the male peacock extend into a tail screen, with all kinds of colorful patterns, when the screen is very gorgeous, like a fan.The female is tailless and has poor plumage.Mainly distributed in southern Asia, China only yunnan has wild peacocks.Peacock usually walk foraging, love to eat yellow bubble, wild pears and other wild fruits, also eat grain grass seeds.Stainless steel rope net is a good protection for peacock cage.

Peacock cage site design should pay attention to meet the peacock living habits.Including orientation, sunshine, ventilation, water supply and drainage, moving appliances, temperature and other requirements.In the meantime, want to adjust measures to local conditions, create the environmental atmosphere of animal origin.

Stainless steel rope net products are suitable for different monkey varieties of various specifications, material for 304, 304L, 316, 316L, structure for 7×7 rope, 7×19 rope and so on.We can send you samples free of charge and guarantee the consistency of samples.Our technical personnel and engineers can also visit the site for free, on-site investigation and design, according to your requirements and specific application environment, put forward detailed material, rope diameter, hole spacing and overall structure opinions, guide the installation.

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