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stainless steel rope mesh used in giraffe protective fence and other fields.

Time:2019-10-28 Views:1171
Stainless steel rope mesh is a kind of protective mesh ,woven by steel wire rope.also known as wire rope woven mesh.stainless steel woven is woven by nets,it will damage the original structure of steel wire rope.further expand the application range of wire rope.good flexibility ,and corrosion resistance,not easy to rust, green environmental protection.can be used in a variety of environment,integrated with surrounding landscape.

Installment anouncement:reasonable distribution of accesories,pay attention to bearing,mesh surface expand angle is reasonable,it is recommend that the mesh surface should be developed at a 60 degrees every atandard parts and other installation accesories,be sure to install firmly,the mesh connection must be tighten,no outcrops.

the product is not only used in giraffes protective fence,but also zoo fence,zoo cage,bird cage construction,ocean park,garden peotective construction,park landscaping decoration.wildlife park and other field,the application range is very wide.

stainless steel rope mesh,Giraffe protective fence ,protective fence on selection of baina manufacture,wholesale price ,let you save money,brand quality ,let you free of worry,welcome to consult.