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stainless steel woven mesh different type of bird cage

Time:2019-10-25 Views:1176

First of all, aviaries are divided into two categories: family aviaries and aviaries in zoos or bird parks.

Family aviary

The general area of small, bird species, the number of small.The materials available are numerous.

There are many materials available for the fence of the family aviary.Such as nylon mesh, welding mesh, hexagonal mesh, stainless steel woven mesh.

Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nylon mesh is cheap, but not strong and needs frequent replacement.

The cost of welding network is not high, but relatively heavy, modeling is limited, the use of a period of time will rust.

Hexagonal net material has stainless steel and wire.Of course, the stainless steel material is better, the price is relatively higher.General manufacturer is mass-produced, small dimensions can buy only from retail place.

Stainless steel weaves net birdhouse purse Seine material is the highest price, but the performance is also the best.No rust, light weight, long service life, no shape restrictions.

What matters, of course, is the household budget.It‘s good to buy the materials that suit you.

A zoo aviary or aviary

Enclosures in zoos or aviaries are large, sometimes with multiple species of birds displayed in the same enclosure.Hook mesh, hexagonal mesh and stainless steel woven mesh can be selected.

Here, the nylon mesh is obviously not considered at all.Because changing the purse Seine frequently is unrealistic.

The biggest disadvantage of the hook is easy to rust, surface soil is easy to be destroyed by weathering.Shaped more difficult.

Hexagonal network is also a good choice.If the purchase volume is relatively large, you can order directly from the manufacturer.

Here for you to recommend stainless steel woven mesh material.

Relative hexagonal net more beautiful firm, better quality, longer life.So stainless steel woven mesh is very suitable for zoos, bird park use.Many zoo birdhouses around the world have adopted this material as the building material for animal cages.

Stainless steel woven mesh is also known as stainless steel rope mesh.

Stainless steel rope net, stainless steel woven net bird cage fence on the selection of bai na manufacturers.Wholesale price, let you save money;Brand quality, let you worry.Contact us for more information.