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Talk about the cost performance of stainless steel rope mesh

Time:2019-08-14 Views:215

Why can say the problem of cost performance of stainless steel rope net, most customers care about two problems.Price and quality.The price must be based on the market environment, the quality of the product, the quality of the price must be cheap, good must be expensive.Some people only compare the price level, too superficial, too blind!

Good products are never high price, but high cost performance, the important thing is to meet the customer‘s purchase needs, explore the cost performance of stainless steel rope mesh, is to explore the customer demand market.

What is cost performance?This word is so common, but really cost-effective stainless steel mesh what are there.Let‘s illustrate with an example, an iron decorative net curtain can be used for 5 years, five years after the iron stainless steel curtain began to rust, need to be treated from the new, can restore the previous metal luster.If it‘s 30 years old, it needs to be maintained five times.The cost of each maintenance accounts for about 70% of the product, which means that if the product is worth 1000 yuan, the maintenance cost will be another 3500 yuan.The total cost is 4,500 yuan over 30 years and a lot of time will be lost.

And curtain of net of a stainless steel rope, the price is controlled in 2700 yuan about, seem to compare iron qualitative curtain expensive many, its service life also is in 30 years above at least actually, it is 50 years even ok, want not to be destroyed artificially only.Therefore, in 30 years of time, which high cost performance, we also know a look.Is of course the cost performance of stainless steel rope net curtain is higher, as the saying goes, cheap no good goods, good goods not cheap!

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