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weishan stainless steel decorative rope mesh really reliable?

Time:2019-05-29 Views:258
Is Weishan stainless steel decorative protective rope net really reliable?
The stainless steel rope net is a kind of product in the wire rope net. It is made of stainless steel wire rope and is divided into bayonet type and braided shape. Specific specifications can be designed according to animal species or we recommend for you. Moreover, the overall mesh width and length of the stainless steel rope net can be customized. The second is the use of wire ropes in the fall protection net. Here, the characteristics of the rope mainly include two aspects: anti-twist and load bearing. Generally hoisting, as long as the use of ordinary surface treatment methods can meet the needs. What kind of rope is chosen for the stainless steel rope net, not the question of who has the final say. In the early stages, detailed calculations and experiments are required. Products that choose this material are guaranteed to work properly in such an environment. It is not possible to reduce the intensity and quality of purchased products privately in order to save money, so as to avoid accidents.
Advantages of stainless steel rope net: excellent environmental performance, convenient and flexible installation and long service life. The composition of the flexible protective net of stainless steel slope: from the principle and purpose of protection can be divided into active protection system as a decorative net for high-end products, stainless steel rope net can be said to be widely used in the industry. People‘s requirements for products are also strict, because this is a very high-end product, so the same on the packaging. Our products usually have two levels of packaging, one is the inner plastic film, this is packaged on the body, mainly to prevent dust, etc., used for long-distance transportation, not to customers. In the hands, there is already a layer of dust.

Stainless steel rope net
Stainless steel rope net is a new type of decorative net product. The appearance of stainless steel rope net is very popular among everyone. So it is good to be sought after by high-end clubs. Then I will analyze for any type of birds, birds. The steel fence can be constructed with stainless steel rope net. The stainless steel birdhouse protection net has the characteristics of large pulling force, good flexibility, transparency, no rust, long life, beautiful and environmental protection, and is not restricted by the shape of the bird cage. Before building a birdhouse protection net, it is necessary to find out the location of the site and the surrounding soil, climate, water source, traffic and power. Comprehensive planning and rational layout can also be planned once and in phases. Generally speaking, the site of the birdhouse protection net should be quiet, concealed, high-lying, dry, sunny, ventilated, well-drained, and facing north.