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Zoo rope net manufacturers of woven nets resistant to biting, effective protection of animal safety

Time:2019-08-19 Views:326
The woven mesh produced by the zoo rope net manufacturer is suitable for all kinds of animal climbing and biting, which can effectively protect the safety of animals.
For example, the flexible woven mesh (stainless steel flexible mesh) produced by the stainless steel rope net factory has strong tensile strength in addition to softness, and can effectively resist the damage caused by animal bites, people or unpredictable factors. Soft belt just. Mainly used in zoo animal purse, animal cages, building decoration nets, sports acrobatics nets, safety nets, etc.

According to these two characteristics, we can freely construct and design various beautiful animal cages and protective nets. In addition, the flexible woven mesh (stainless steel flexible mesh) material is imported 304/304L, 316/316L stainless steel wire rope, which is corrosion resistant. The line of sight is good, and the visual obstruction of people and animals is reduced as much as possible. One input, no maintenance in the middle, indoor and outdoor use, service life of more than 30-100 years.
The stainless steel rope mesh is made of 304/316 stainless steel rope and has strong corrosion resistance. Each stainless steel wire rope is twisted and braided by multiple strands of steel wire, which has good firmness and high tensile strength. Animals can climb and pull at will, without any harm to the animals.
Stainless steel rope net, zoo rope net manufacturers are going to choose Baina manufacturers. Wholesale prices, let you save money; the quality of the brand, let you worry. Welcome to consult!